What is a Late Talker?

In general, a child is considered late talking when they have not yet begun using meaningful words at eighteen months of age (1 ½ years). If your child is late talking, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have autism. Some children talk late because of hearing loss, cognitive impairment, speech disorder, language disorder, autism, or other considerations. Still, for many it is simply a developmental stage with no long-term adverse effects. It is very important that an objective evaluation be completed by a skilled, unbiased clinician who examines a child for any of these possibilities, including a nonclinical developmental stage. Although all children with autism talk late, not all late talking children have autism. Regardless whether the late talking is a stage or a symptom of a condition requiring treatment, all children can learn. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis, and if needed, appropriate treatment.

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Understanding What We Hear  ( This video tutorial presents three parts of spoken language that we must be able to understand in order to be effective listeners. Other tutorials include:  Evironmental Arrangement, Recasting Your Child’s Initiations, Identifying Your Child’s Verbal and Nonverbal Initiations,….and more.

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