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Case Example #1

Ben and Mom!

Ben and mom’s playtime is chock full of wonderful exemplars of productive and fun strategies that improve talking and interacting.  Knowing these strategies and being able to implement them with intention benefits your child now and long term!

This case example is dormant but will be “ACTIVE” on August 23rd, 2021. Once “active,” the Case Example will specifically name and identify strategies and present clinical support for best practice. There will also be commentary accompanied by evidence. In the meantime, feel welcome and, in fact, encouraged to view this video ahead of time. We believe you will see some strategies that the foundation endorses in mom and Ben’s interaction. Enjoy!

Case Example #2

Next Up…

  • We look forward to presenting a wide range of Case Examples.
  • The Case Studies feature will become active on August 21st, 2021.
  • Thereafter, Case Example will be presented regularly every 4 months
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Case Example #3


Finally, we believe all children bring joy