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Late Talkers Foundation appreciates your support in our mission to empower parents of late talking children through education and the realization that they are not alone.

Your donation will provide parents with education and practical application resources. It will allow for regular input from top researchers. And importantly, your donation will afford parents a place to hear from other parents and families about their real-life stories and experiences and know that they are not alone. With knowledge and affirmation in their ability, parents are empowered to move forward positively and with confidence and experience the joy of their child.

Your contribution will go directly to maintaining and creating educational modules, online resources, family support groups, and a place to bring questions and experience the camaraderie of other parents. Your donation, whatever size, is essential and appreciated in reaching and maintaining our goal.

Thank you for considering partnering with us and helping families navigate the wondrous journey with their late talking child.

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