Our Creed

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We Believe

Every Child

  • Is valuable and precious
  • Can and wants to learn
  • Has something to say/communicate
  • Is dynamic so that teaching and support must grow and adapt as they do
  • Is entitled to safe, secure, and positive learning relationships, free from unnecessary restraint or coercion

Every Parent

  • Did nothing to cause late talking
  • Is a uniquely qualified expert on their child
  • Is the primary and most powerful influence for supporting their child
  • Is highly capable of understanding their child’s needs and optimizing for those needs
  • Is an essential partner in support and a crucial source of information regarding their child

Specialists, Therapists, & Teachers

  • Have specialized knowledge that can support parents and children
  • Strive to encourage, educate, and enable success and are dedicated to the wellbeing of the child and family
  • Believe the parent and believe in the parent’s ability to make positive contributions
  • Accept parents’ perspectives and elicit the parents’ input to guide learning
  • Embrace parents as allies and vital members of the team


All late talking children and their families have the right to access opportunities and to participate in their communities, and it’s activities.

The road forward for late talking children and their families, like all families, will include helpers and partners along the way. These relationships will be the most productive and rewarding when based on mutual respect. Mutual respect is foundational for creating a positive and trusting bedrock from which to succeed.

It is vital to accept children where they are and to consider getting to the next steps with the same consideration, compassion, and respect afforded all children.

Support (intervention) should focus on directly applicable skills, and all goals should align with long term outcomes.

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Finally, we believe all children bring joy