WELCOME to the website for the Foundation for Families of Late-Talking Children. We are glad you are here and that you are eager to learn more about helping your child. Late Talkers Foundation provides a wide range of services intended to support families of late talking children. Whether families are looking for answers to questions, wanting to learn about how to support language at home, are making educational decisions, or want to talk with other families of late talkers, Late Talkers Foundation is here as source of support in dealing with the  unique aspect of life with a late talker.

It is vital for families to receive accurate information and have a clear understanding of how to support their child. Parents are uniquely capable of providing optimal environments of learning, growth, and enjoyment across settings and over time. Whether it be at home, school, with playmates, or with families members, when insight is paired with a parent’s love and concern wonderful things happen for children and families. This is why Late Talkers Foundation is so excited to offer families the Late Talkers Virtual School for Parents (LTers VSP)

Late Talkers Virtual School for Parents (LTers VSP)

Families of late talking children share the same dream as other families, in this case, wanting to parent your late talking child to grow up happy, with opportunity for meaningful relationships, realizing potentials, and all of it. But  for the reasons of differences in development and not understanding how that unfolds with a late talker, parents can feel at a loss or inadequate to know how to do that best or for whom to turn. It can feel isolating and frightening.

The truth is, parenting isn’t a role of knowing, it’s a role of learning and being the best parent you can. Parents are the experts on their child. Parents are there for a lifetime. They are the child’s first and primary teacher and a constant of love and caring. No one knows the child better. As a parent, you are uniquely and abundantly capable of guiding and enjoying the path forward with your late talker. Pairing the kind of information gained through LTers VSP with a parent’s love, dedication, commitment, and unique knowledge of their child will put the parent in the driver seat and ready for an incredible journey with their child and those helping along the way. 

LTers VSP will provide a full curriculum with series of courses covering a range of topics that are essential for families to understand in order to help their child and to be critical consumers of services. The curriculum will provide courses on language developmental, pragmatics, behavior and learning, service delivery models, and provide practical strategies and techniques to put your knowledge to good use at home and when partnering with therapists and teachers.

Late Talkers Virtual School for Parents (LTers VSP) will launch in the Fall of 2020 with a) an installment of the initial courses of the curriculum, b) interactive components, and c) access to the live and recorded webinar series. The “Interviews with Experts” component of the foundation will be available to all who visit latetalkers.org, regardless in they choose to enroll in LTers VPS.

A fee per 10-course packet is presently being determined so as to make LTers VPS as accessible and affordable as the foundation can feasibly make the curriculum.
LTer VSP will be an extensive curriculum and will provide the parents with a transcript of the courses they completed, as well as content areas covered in those courses.
LTer VSP will be structured in a way that can allow for therapists and teachers to access the same content information as families, thereby providing a joint frame of reference for productive conversations.

For continued details about the LTers VPS :

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