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ATTENTION: Please be advised that Late Talkers Foundation is in the process of launching the Late Talkers Virtual School for Parents (LTers VSP). Launch is set for the Fall of 2020. Please see the HOME page of this site for additional information.

Why Register?

The Foundation is dedicated to providing information for all families whether or not they choose to subscribe to the Members Services portion of this site. For this reason, general information will be made availble and updated regularly. The site contains an RSS feed so that families can easily monitor when new information is posted to the site. Families are encouraged to monitor the site.

Services are listed below. Subscribed members will have access access to the web-based interactive support components of the foundation.  Member Services which require audio-video streaming and rich media will be offered at minimal cost. The interactive support components  include the following.

1. Family Support Components: 1. Message BoardFor the exclusive use of members.
2.The Late Talkers Survey & DatabaseFor the exclusive use of members. This service also helps advance knowledge of the field of child language.   

3. Live Webcasts
Members can  join live interactive webcasts on a variety of topics of interest to families of late talking children. 

4. Video Educational Modules/Tutorials Tutorial modules are available to members. New tutorials are added monthly.
5. Late Talker LibraryArticles, Podcasts, Presentations
6. “My Questions”Featured questions of shared interest to families with late talking children.

Full descriptions of these components are found at “About The Foundation” .
Contact Information:
Late Talkers Foundation
P.O. Box 23583
Nashville, TN 37202