Understanding What You Hear: Three Requirements (103) - Late Talkers Foundation

This course aims to make parents aware of the three things we need to do to extract meaning from the language we hear. That is, how we understand the auditory information we receive through our ears. This is valuable information directly influences your child’s communication and how we provide support.

The foundation refers to understanding as “the invisible side of talking” because it is a silent process. We don’t see or hear the child producing words and sentences. Instead, it is about the child listening and extracting meaning from what they hear, and it is vital to communication. Estimating how well a child understands the language they hear can be tricky for lots of reasons!  The Late Talkers Foundation has found parents to be excellent at estimating their child’s development. From talking to hearing to behavior to play, parents are most often right on! When it comes to how well a child understands what they –hear-, things become a little more complicated, both for parents and clinicians!

Parents are in an excellent position to watch and consider how well their child understands what they hear. We hope this course will expand your knowledge in this important area!

We will begin with a constructive analogy, a fine brick house!

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