There are a few next steps. Don’t let fear stop you. Speak to your pediatrician. Share your thoughts and concerns, specifically. If you feel you need more time to communicate effectively, arrange for that time. This is where the relationship you have with the professionals and others dedicated to helping you and your child matter. It emphasizes the value of taking the time to choose “helpers” with whom you have a positive and trusting relationship. Your physician has experience with your child, albeit in a clinical setting.

Begin educating yourself. There are many sources and ways to go about this. This site, sponsored through The Foundation for Parents of Late Talking Children (aka Late Talkers Foundation), is a great place to begin learning and keep learning. There are other excellent sources of information. The point is to begin to learn sound information about talking.

Most importantly, believe in your ability and knowledge where your child is concerned. Don’t let fear stop you. There are wonderful specialists who have dedicated their education to child development and helping. Should it turn out that your child needs some support, you will be looking for these helpers. You want to be a critical consumer. Find and choose those specialists who recognize your vital role, accept your input, value your knowledge of your child, and embrace you as a crucial member of the team. These wonderful helpers are out there. Do not settle for anything less. You have the capacity to helm the way forward. Every day, even amidst concern or worry, affirm as often as you need to that the very best thing for your child is you.