If the late talking was simply a passing stage in early childhood, you may have difficulty even recalling that your child was late talking. If the late talking was a symptom of a Language Disorder, your child will be doing quite well in most areas, but may experience some struggle with reading comprehension or may have other academic learning challenges. If the late talking was a symptom of autism or generally slow learning, your child will have grown and progressed in many ways (and brought you lots of happy, joyful memories) and will continue to advance, but will still show signs of struggling to communicate and learning at the same pace as other children in Middle and High School.

Even if your child’s late talking is a passing stage, their learning style, that is, learning by doing rather than by listening and having an analytical approach to learning, will likely still be noticeable in Middle and High School.

Although we do try to look into the future when we first meet late talking children and their families, we always focus on today and the near future. Though admittedly challenging, we strive not to let worry overwhelm all the wonderful moments with your child that are happening today and tomorrow.