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Here is the script for the video-welcome:


Welcome and thank you for exploring this free sampler lesson aimed at looking a bit more deeply into an important behavior that is significant in helping you help your late talker. This is the first of two free sample lessons and part of the bigger project, The Parent School, where the foundation is taking the lessons and resources that we have been providing to families across the globe for decades and making them easily accessible to more families via an online platform.

These two initial lessons not only work together, but they present concepts that will build in depth of knowledge and application as you continue to learn with your late talker. References to articles that expand on some of the science that underpins these concepts will also be provided. Even though (these two sample courses are) just a beginning, these lessons will present a powerful concept and, importantly, will translate the concept into something that results in real everyday exchanges and interactions with your late talker. That’s the point of The Parent School. You are already the best expert on your child. The Parent School is designed to help you develop your expertise in talking, learning, and applying concepts so you can feel confident in your ability to support and provide for your child … and experience the joy your late talker brings every day.