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Welcome! The Late Talkers Foundation’s mission is to provide information to families with late talking children and to help you help your child. The quality and accuracy of information that families receive is critical. Sadly, there are many questionable labels and unproven treatments promoted to families.

It is important that families receive accurate information and enjoy the growing up years with their child.  To this end the LateTalkers Foundation provides member support services. A monthly fee of $10.00 will allow access to web-based interactive support components provided through this site. Descriptions of the the web-based support components are found below. There are also samples of these web-based resources on this site for site visitors who are not enrolled as members at this time. Please enjoy viewing this material. We hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Welcome to our site!
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Member Web-based Support Components
Live Webcasts
Live webcast regarding various specified topics take place bi-monthly (every other month). There are opportunity for live question and answers during the webcast. Audio podcast of theses broadcasts will be stored on the Foundation website and available for download at the member's convenience.  
Video Educational Modules
Video tutorial modules that present topics and strategies that are of particular usefulness to families with late talking children are available for viewing at the member's convenience. The tutorial modules will include activities that support language development, address educational topics, and cover a variety of subjects that relate to late talking children and their families.  New video educational modules are added over time.
Late Talker Library
The Late Talker library contains articles and chapters of interest to parents of Late-talkers. The library is added to over time. 
My Questions
Using My Questions members will be able to submit questions. Questions may involve educational considerations, recent concerns, clarification about something read or heard, or simply gaining valuable feedback for decisions. Every attempt is made to answer questions individually. However, where similar questions are shared by families, one answer may serve several listeners. For example a frequent request is to differentiate between Apraxia and an Articulation Disorder. All replies and answers to frequently ask questions will be archived and available for review to all members of the foundation.
The Late Talkers Survey & Database
The confidential survey is filled out by individual families about their late talking child. This confidential survey not only contributes longitudinal information with regard to late talking children, it can also provide an opportunity to connect with other parent(s) of late talkers. Though all survey information is strictly confidential, once families have submitted the survey there is mechanism to search the database for families who may share your particular experience in some way. At no time is identifying information released. Instead, a de-identified email address (one which provides no identifying information of any kind) of families that matche your search criteria is provided to you. You can then choose to contact one or more of these families using the de-identified email address. Replying to a post is at the complete discretion of the family receiving it. Strict confidentiality is maintained until which time families choose to share that information.
Families who communicate via the survey database have been a wonderful source of support and information for each other. Often families within the same regions choose to share information about positive school settings, therapists, or community opportunities. Some families eventually form playgroups. Many parents find it helpful just to talk with someone who shares their experience, swap ideas, and know that they are not alone in raising a late talking child.
This survey provides a connection for parents with late talking children, however, and most importantly, this survey allows the Foundation researchers to follow and learn about the course and development of late talking over time.
The Late Talkers Foundation is a nonprofit agency. Donations are welcome.
Contact Information:
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